General Terms and Conditions of Use

Sisters' Circle Profile

  1. For registration we only need your first name or user name, your email address and a password. All other information is optional.
  2. Once you have registered and logged in with your name and password, you can access your profile either from the Circle page or from the toolbar at the top right.
  3. You can change your password in your profile under 'Settings'.
    You can also upload a profile and cover picture and edit your personal data. Click on 'Edit' and then on 'Base' and 'About me'.
  4. On the Circle page you will find a list of all members. You can send friend requests and write private messages.
  5. If you are looking for a specific person or information (such as location, language, interests), use the search box on the members page or click on the information in the profile.
  6. Registration is reserved for women only. Please protect this circle by not disclosing personal information to third parties and denying access to non-members. If you suspect that a man is hiding behind a profile, please inform the admin immediately.
  7. We want a space free of discrimination of any form.
    Please show tolerance and acceptance towards other opinions, world views and ways of life. We want to support each other in discarding ingrained behaviour towards those who think differently. Please do not judge, but set a good example. If there are repeated complaints from other members, we reserve the right to block the profile.
  8. Keep an eye on your personal data! We are not responsible for your data. Always think carefully about what personal information you want to disclose. You can set the visibility of your data in your profile. However, always use e-mail or the telephone for confidential matters.
  9. You can delete your profile yourself. All your data will then be deleted automatically.

Events for united Sisters - Calendar of events

  1. To publish an event you have to register first.
  2. The publication of events is always free of charge.
  3. At Sisters United you can only publish your own events and only set links to your own website. However, we would be happy if you recommend the site to your friends.
  4. As we cannot constantly check websites for illegal content, we do not hold ourselves responsible for the content of linked websites. If we become aware of an infringement, we will remove the link immediately.
  5. We assume no liability for the accuracy and completeness of information on published events. The responsibility for the information and the implementation of the event lies exclusively with the organiser.
  6. Entries that violate the law, are sexist, racist or glorify violence will not be published or will be deleted immediately upon becoming known.

Sisters' Pages - Business directory

  1. To create an entry in the business directory, you must first register.
  2. You can only publish your own business and projects. All links may only lead to your own websites or social media accounts.
  3. You are only allowed to publish pictures and texts of which you have the rights of use.
  4. The contract of use for the business directory comes into effect with the publication of the submitted application.
  5. After a check, your entry will be activated for one year. Entries that violate the law, are sexist, racist, glorify violence or otherwise offend common decency will not be published.
  6. You can decide for yourself what annual fee you would like to pay. After your registration you will receive an email. Please reply to this email stating whether or how much you would like to pay for the publication of your entry or whether you would like to make an alternative contribution.
  7. After one year you can renew your entry for another year within 30 days. If you do not respond within this period, the user contract ends automatically and your entry data is deleted in accordance with data protection regulations. Your profile will continue to exist.
  8. We assume no liability for the continuous availability of the website or the business entry.
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