Why I founded Sisters United

A few years ago, I started to look at my femininity.
I was shocked to realise that I often humiliated myself in my thoughts and even did violence to myself in my actions. Because I saw myself and the world around me from a male perspective. In my thinking, I was fixated on men through and through.
I took on a role that was suggested to me by men.
I sought their friendship and approval.
I didn't take women seriously, let alone consider them competent.
I lived my sex like in a porno, always looking to cut a good figure and please the man.

All of a sudden I understood the meaning of patriarchy!

So, bit by bit, I questioned my world view and reordered it. In addition, on my spiritual journeys I dived deep into the energetic world of the feminine. Many things were opened up to me, but what remained was a huge emptiness.

Eine Frau in Rückansicht. Sie sitzt gebeugt und schaut nach unten.
Bild von Free-Photos auf Pixabay

I felt no bond between us women. Instead, I experienced insecurity, envy and fear of being exposed. Even within women-only groups, men were still the number one issue and women competed with each other.

Yet the desire grew in me for a deep, heartfelt connection with other women: a sisterhood.

I saw this vision of a world where women actively work together.
A world where women support each other and are loving to each other.
A world shaped by women: not ravaged by war and divided among power-hungry men, but alive, united and nurturing.

And then I understood: If I want this world, then it is also my task to create this world!

A phase of experimentation followed. Because first of all I had to find out how I could best use my abilities for this purpose. And anyway, what were my abilities? Did I have any at all?

Only through the process, through the deep desire to live in this new world, did I find my calling: I want to connect.

Those who have taken the first step back to their own femininity will see that there are other women out there who are taking exactly the same step. And there are indeed already plenty of offers from women who have already taken this step and want to reach out to others.

But they are still very scattered and work on a small scale all by themselves.

But I want to weave a web that connects all active women and makes them visible. This is exactly what the internet platform Sisters United is meant to do.

Dear Sisters, together we can work miracles! Let us weave thread by thread, let us combine different colours and form new patterns, let us be creative!

Let us give the world its new dress!

A colourful, woven fabric with flower-look embellishments.
Image source KoalaParkLaundromat auf Pixabay

Do you also want to be a part of the Sisters' Circle?

Create your profile with your skills and interests.

Share your events.

Publish your business, your offers and your projects.

Write about your experiences and views on the blog.

Get in touch with me. I would be happy to get to know you!



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Webdesignerin, Reisebegleitung & Kräuterpädagogin
aka Wortmagierin, Grenzgängerin und Pflanzenliebhaberin.

"Ich wünsche mir eine friedvolle Welt, in der wir die Reichtümer von Mutter Erde miteinander teilen und die Einzigartigkeit jedes Menschen wertschätzen können.
Eine Welt, in der wir unsere Talente voll ausschöpfen können und sie als Teil einer Gemeinschaft für gemeinsame Ziele einsetzen.
Darum habe ich Sisters United ins Leben gerufen. Ich hoffe, dass sich hiervon viele Frauen angesprochen fühlen und mit mir gemeinsam aktiv werden."

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